Best Instant Showers in Kenya

Electric Instant showers are very popular not only in Kenya but across the World. A survey done by a private firm found that many Kenyans prefer instant water heaters compared to other alternatives such as solar heaters and boilers

What is this Electric instant heater Shower?

Electric Instant showers are commonly known in Kenya as instantaneous instant water heaters or tankless water heaters. Unlike the boilers which heats water before usage, instant showers heat water on demand. The instantaneous water heaters, provide hot water only as it is needed. They don’t produce the standby energy losses associated with storage water heaters, which can save you money

Unfortunately, the Kenyan market is flooded with too many counterfeit instant showers and showerheads. The substandard electric showers are sold cheaply and consumers are easily convinced while forgetting the dangers and short lifespan of such products. Of course, ‘Cheap is Expensive’ Isn’t it?

We at Electric Instant Showers Ltd sales original, durable and guaranteed products from reputable manufacturers across the World. We offer free consultation and installation services by our certified installers anywhere in Kenya.

Advantages of Instant Showers

  • They save up to 60% of electricity bills
  • They consume less water compared to other alternatives
  • They are easier to install and maintain
  • Instant showers are portable. You can move with it from one house to another
  • Modern designs available to dress your bathroom design
  • Recent innovative designs such as the Alpha range can last long upto 15 years
  • You can increase water pressure and adjust temperature level for the advanced instant showers such as the Alpha range

Disadvantages of Instant showers

  • You can get hot water only when electricity is available
  • The cheaper instant showers burn easily, short span replacement of elements or entire system which can be costly
  • Too many counterfeit instant showers in the market
  • The cheaper showerheads can be dangerous if not installed correctly

Some of the best instant Showers in Kenya

We have itemized bellow a list of the best instant showers that will serve you and your family for long without developing issues. Besides, they are loved by many of our customers in Nairobi.

Lorenzetti Bello Banho Ultra Instant Shower (Budget Friendly @ Ksh3500)

Best Instant Showers in Kenya
Lorenzetti Bello Banho Instant Shower

The Bello Banho instant shower now comes with the new Loren Ultra heating element. Loren Ultra technology revolutionizes the concept of durability and performance compared to common heating elements.

  • It has 3 Temperatures
  • Suitable for hardwater or salty water or borehole water
  • Heating and economy in the right measure.
  • It has larger shower spread and more comfortable during your shower
  • You can choose to install Loren Bello with an extension shower arm (separately sold)
  • Color choices: White, blue and grey

Lorenzetti Maxi Ducha 4T (Budget Friendly @Ksh3200)

Lorenzeti Showerhead KenyaWith modern design, Bella Ducha 4T Ultra decorates your bathroom perfectly. Designed to provide comfort and savings at bath time, Bella Ducha 4T Ultra shower cap has large and 4 temperature options ideal for all seasons. The shower is compatible with solar water heaters, thus extending its use.

  • This showerhead has 4 temperatures
  • Heating and economy in the right measure.
  • You can change the heating element quickly and easily
  • You can enjoy your shower with its wider spread
  • More comfort during your shower.
  • Color choices: Blue and White

Alpha Instant Shower S100 @Ksh18500

Alpha Instant Shower S100EAlpha S series is equally comfortable in your home, dressing up your bathroom with an understated yet distinctive sense of style. And the ultra –slender profile is a perfect complement for any space constrained interior

  • Does not have inbuilt pump
  • Designed for fresh and hardwater
  • Has temperature Control
  • Comes with a telephone shower
  • Temperature rating 5.5KW
  • Long lasting and 1-year guarantee
  • Wall mounted and sleek design
  • LSD (Earth Leakage Sensing Device) – Cuts off electric supply in the event of any current leakage.
  • Splash-Proof IP25 Standard – Protection against water seeping into the heater’s internal mechanism.
  • Electronic Stepless Temperature Control – Shower temperature can be selected according to personal preference
  • Flow Switch System – Minimum operating water flow of 3 litres / minute.
  • Thermal Cut-Out – Prevents scalding.
  • Colors: Black white and Black Silver

Lorenzetti Instant Shower Aqua Storm @Ksh14500-19500

Aqua Storm Instant ShowerThe Lorenzetti Aqua Ultra line features modern, innovative finish with square lines, compact, ultra-thin design. The Aqua Ultra Line features the exclusive Loren Ultra Heating Element, the first flat heating element in the market. It is a development with more than five years of studies that guarantees high performance and long duration. For sure, the Aqua Storm Ultra shower has a unique and unforgettable shower.

  • Designed for fresh and hardwater
  • Press Plus technology – High performance jets even with low pressure.
  • Unique Loren Ultra Heating Element – Long lasting compared to common heating elements.
  • Ultra-Quick-Change Heating Element – Exclusive heating element that guarantees quick and safe replacement.
  • Electronic control – Allows gradual and precise temperature selection.
  • Control pin – Temperature control at the reach of the hands (optional use).
  • Easy installation – In a few steps the showerhead is installed or removed.
  • R.I. – Tilt Adjustment Device.
  • Hand shower with exclusive design.
  • Compatible with solar heating and other heating systems.
  • Colors: Black. White, Black Chrome and White Chrome

Alpha Instant Shower with Build in Pump S200 @Ksh28500-38500

Alpha instant heater with rain showerThere are some situations or location where the water flow is insufficient to even activate the shower. But with an Alpha, you’ll never have to worry about this. The special pump activator will boost up the water flow to activate the flow switch

  • AC Booster Pump – Increases the water flow rate to give you a strong jet of water every time
  • LSD (Earth Leakage Sensing Device) – Cuts off electric supply in the event of any current leakage.
  • Splash-Proof IP25 Standard – Protection against water seeping into the heater’s internal mechanism
  • Electronic Stepless Temperature Control – Shower temperature can be selected according to personal preference
  • Flow Switch System – Minimum operating water flow of 3 litres / minute
  • Thermal Cut-Out – Prevents scalding.
  • Comes equipped with or without the rain shower accessory
  • Compatible with hardwater

We have other wonderful instant showers to suite your needs and serve your family for long. Our installers are experienced and will provide the best and safe installation. Visit our Product page for more instant shower selection

When you are searching for a perfect instant shower you should put in mind your budget and instant shower durability. Are you comfortable investing in something that can serve you for long term or buying something for short term such as camping or rental? If you are purchasing for a permanent residence, then better buy the Alpha range which are somehow costly but are more durable and economical. If you are buying because of low water pressure, buy instant showers with built in pump.

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