Cost of Alpha Instant Showers

Alpha water heaters are a well – established with ISO 9001:2008. It is certified production of Storage Water Heater and Instant Electric Water Heater. Alpha Water Heater is recognized in most Asian country. They are among the top product in Asia. They have also exported their product to other region such as South America, Middle East, Africa and more.

Alpha has constantly applied the Manufacturing Process and Quality System to ensure the product is not compromise so that it can achieve the requirements of consumer. Other than quality, consumers constantly request for more creative design or ‘’one of its kind’’ to match with interior decorations. Alpha provides a wide range of colourful modern looking that packed with features to suit your needs and requirements.

The Malaysian Brand Name is awarded to Alpha in year 2001 for The SME Best Brand for its innovative product.The Technology. Thanks to the advanced technology, Alpha introduce water heater that built in with microchip to monitor the performance level and safety before it’s activated and during activation. There are few features that make Alpha Heater to become the top notch heater which includes;

  1. Auto Test that helps to detect any current leakage. The Auto is to detect any possible current leakage.
  2. ELCB that helps to prevent any circuit flow if there is any leakage detected.
  3. Alpha also comes with Thermal Cut-Out that prevents from overheating. With Nylon Glass Fibre material,
  4. Alpha ensure durable and strong for preventing electric current to leak

The Alpha S-series

The Alpha S series is equally comfortable in your home, dressing up your bathroom with an understated yet distinctive sense of style. And the ultra –slender profile is a perfect complement for any space constrained interior. The Alpha S Series includes:

  • S200EP Series (With inbuild Booster Pump) KES 29, 900
  • S200EP Series With Rain Shower (With inbuild Pump) KES 39, 900

The Build in Booster Pump Feature: If the water pressure in your area is weak, or its low lying location where the pressure is lower than normal, a built in booster pump in the heater’s system will automatically boost the flow rate. Giving you a powerful, uninterrupted stream of refreshing water 

The Alpha AS21 Series 

Alpha silent Jet is a shower that is powerful as any other, but it is silent like no other. This allows you to really indulge in shower time with even more peace and quiet. The highly efficient DC brushless pump leaves no carbon dust deposits, so it’s cleaner. What’s more, it is maintenance free, has a longer lifespan.

  • AS21 (With Brushless & Silent Pump) KES 33, 900
  • AS21 WITH Rainshower (With Brushless & Silent Pump) KES 45, 000
  • Pump Activator (S200EP and AS21
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