Instant Showers for Borehole Water

We sale Instant showers water heaters that can withstand borehole water. Many house owners this days prefer to get uninterrupted water supply by drilling borehole water especially in rural homes. Borehole water contains salt or hardness which in most cases erode and leave residues in plumbing systems. Salty water can lead to rusting of instant shower heating element and eventually leading to burning of the element or malfunction.

What is Hard water?

Water hardness is primarily the amount of calcium and magnesium, and to a lesser extent, iron in the water. Hardwater is measured by adding up the concentrations of calcium, magnesium and converting this value to an equivalent concentration of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) in milligrams per litre (mg/L) of water

Water hardness in most boreholes is naturally occurring from weathering of limestone, sedimentary rock and calcium bearing minerals. Hardness can also occur locally in groundwater from chemical and mining industry effluent or excessive application of lime to the soil in agricultural areas.

In piping systems salt will react with the lining of your pipes to cause it to corrode. Corrosion deteriorates the pipe materials, causing them to become frail and weak, unable to hold water pressures to a certain extent, and eventually burst or leak

We have Lorenzetti blindada Instant shower designed for extremely hardwater. This instant shower has a shielded element so the element is not easily affected by the hardness. All instant showers should be maintained and washed regularly to remove dirt and clogging within the jets. Bellow is a list of the most recommended instant showers for borehole water in Kenya

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