Most Rated Salty Water Instant Showers in Kenya 2023

Are you looking for the best rated instant showers for salty water in Kenya? Instant showers has been part of us for quite sometime because of their affordability, beauty and energy efficiency when it comes to power consumption and water saving.

Most regions in Kenya have salty water because of the use of borehole water. Some areas are extreme salty water and others are moderate. The need to get an instant shower that can withstand salty water and save you money replacing the shower elements has became urgent. Electric Instant Showers has a selection of instant showers that can withstand salty water

Why need a Salty Water Compatible Instant Shower

Electric Instant Showers has you covered with the best in the market shower systems. Some of the reasons you need a salty water instant shower includes;

  • Such instant showers are designed to withstand the heavy residue build by salty water
  • You can save money replacing shower elements more frequently
  • Less maintenance required for shower systems and shower elements

List of the Most Recommended Salty Water Instant Showers in Kenya

  1. Lorenzetti Blinducha Instant Shower (Most recommended due to the shielded element)
  2. Lorenzetti Loren Ultra Instant Shower
  3. Lorenzetti Maxi Ducha Instant Shower
  4. Alpha Instant Showers
  5. Enerbras Enerducha Instant Shower 4T (Four Temperature Settings)
  6. Enerbras Enerducha Instant Showers 3T (Three Temperature settings)

We have a selection of instant showers for you to choose from plus free technical advise

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