Prices of Instant Showers in Nairobi Kenya

Looking for prices of instant showers in Kenya? When shopping for your ideal showerhead, you might easily get elated with cheap price, it might be fake! Sometimes cheap is expensive. For avoidance of confusion between original and fake instant showers in Kenya, visit our physical location and get free advise at Electric Instant Showers Ltd. We are a one stop shop for all instant shower brands in Kenya.

The invention of Instant shower system is one of the best technological advancement ever happened in the 21st Century. These gadgets gives you hot water on demand and instantaneously. At Electric Instant Showers Kenya, we sale best of the market, Original instant showers that are compatible with salty water, hard water and solar water heating system. We stock instant showers that covers all budget range – the choice is yours!

Water Heaters Instant showers prices in Kenya

Depending with the brand type, we stock instant showers from Lorenzetti, Enerbras, Alpha, Centon, Midea among other manufacturers.

The prices of original instant showers in Kenya ranges from Ksh2, 000 to Ksh98, 000. The prices vary depending with several aspects such as;

  • Compatibility – Either with salty water or solar water heating
  • Sleekness – The design, aesthetic looks and materials used
  • Functions – Inbuild Pump, Rain Showers, Telephone showers, wide spread, type of heating elements
  • Application – Bathrooms, saunas, saloons, commercial

We have a catalogue of instant showers on our website and booklets across our branches. When you want to be sure about your choice of shower feel free to call our sales 0799790949

Installation of Instant Showers

All our instant showers are certified and safe to use in residential and commercial facilities. Whatever you like, we will be able to advice. One of the major mistakes house owners do is contracting armature technicians. Instant showers use electricity and electricity as we know is not safe if mishandled. For durability of the heating elements and safety of your household, we advise the use of recommended actual power of heater switch, circuit breaker and the correct cable size which should be 2.5mm and above. Your technician should also make sure naked wires are taped and sealed in flexible pipes. You should also avoid bundling the neutral and live wire. We also advise house owners to use plastic shower arms instead of the metallic rods.

Most Purchased instant shower heads in Kenya

Here is a list of the most loved instant showers regardless of price.

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