Alpha Instant Shower S-100E


Alpha S series is equally comfortable in your home, dressing up your bathroom with an understated yet distinctive sense of style. And the ultra –slender profile is a perfect complement for any space constrained interior

  • Does not have inbuilt pump
  • LSD (Earth Leakage Sensing Device) – Cuts off electric supply in the event of any current leakage.
  • Splash-Proof IP25 Standard – Protection against water seeping into the heater’s internal mechanism.
  • Electronic Stepless Temperature Control – Shower temperature can be selected according to personal preference
  • Flow Switch System – Minimum operating water flow of 3 litres / minute.
  • Thermal Cut-Out – Prevents scalding.



Thanks to the advanced technology, Alpha introduce water heater that built in with microchip to monitor the performance level and safety before it’s activated and during activation. There are few features that make Alpha shower to become the top-notch heater which includes Auto Test that helps to detect any current leakage. The Auto is to detect any possible current leakage. ELCB that helps to prevent any circuit flow if there is any leakage detected. Alpha also comes with Thermal Cut-Out that prevents from overheating. With Nylon Glass Fibre material, Alpha ensure durable and strong for preventing electric current to leak




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