Atlantic Water Heater Boiler Tank 30L

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This is Atlantic water Heater boiler 30Litres Vertical mount suitable for Kitchen oversink and can serve atleast 1 shower enclosure

The Atlantic Water Heater Boiler is designed to last through protected tank and a steady stream of hot water

Long lasting hot water heater boilers for all seasons with numerous advantages including;

  • Engineered for performance and efficiency
  • Quickly and effectively heat water to your desired temperature
  • High-quality materials ensure durability
  • Installation is straightforward
  • Vertical mount design allows for easy access to the control panel
  • Capacity 30L


The Atlantic water heater boiler is a stylish and easy to install water heater designed to be used in the Kitchen or single user bathroom.

Vertically mounted, you can enjoy efficient supply of hot water from the 30 litre Atlantic water heater at any time all seasons.

Engineered for performance and efficiency, the water heater boiler utilizes advanced heating technology to quickly and effectively heat water to your desired temperature. The robust construction and high-quality materials ensure durability and long-lasting performance, even in demanding environments. Whether it’s for filling a bathtub, running multiple showers, or handling high-demand applications, this water heater is up to the task.


A qualified technician carrying out the installation is obliged to observe applicable national standards and regulations concerning connection to the water distribution system and the electric network.

The manufacturer is not responsible for any unprofessional or incorrect installation.

  • Locate the heater in a room protected against frost.
  • Verify whether the wall will carry the weight of the heater filled with water.
  • If the heater is to be located in a room with high humidity or temperature exceeding 35 °C, ensure proper airing of the room.

Our products may be installed in all bathroom sections except “Capacity 0” Should the heater be installed above a residential area, a bathtub or a washbasin with outlet must be installed.

Capacity: 30L

Net Weight: 12Kg

Output Watts: 1200


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