Digital Timer Switch 16 Amps – Nairobi

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The digital timer contains a keyboard lock feature to prevent error operations as well as a clock correction/calibration function. This digital timer is made of high-quality electronic components, has a high-power relay as its output, uses long-lasting silicone buttons, and performs consistently to give you a better usage experience.


  • Voltage: AC 220-240V
  • Customise Voltage: 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 110V
  • Switching Capacity: AC 250V 25A
  • On/Off Operation: 28 On & Off (Day/Week)
  • Set Time Range: 1 Second to 168 Hours
  • Display: LCD


What is a Timer Switch?

A timer switch also called a time switch, is an event timer that switch power at a predetermined schedule for electric systems and appliances to enhance safety and reduce on electric consumption.  A timer switch is suitable for residential, industrial and commercial use. There are two types of timer switches; Digital Timer switch and Mechanical Timer Switch

The timer switch can also be a device that you plug into your wall outlet, or a gadget that you install in/on a wall. It can also be an indoor or outdoor timer switch for street lights, security lights, or even a sprinkler system. So what are the reasons for using a timer switch

The main function of an electric timer switch is to eliminate the need for leaving electrical circuits or equipment running, thereby conserving energy and saving money. This ranges from having a device turn on at specific times to automatic shutoff.

Digital Timer Switch also provide added security when you are away from home, as you can program it to turn on/off for a certain period of time, simulating someone is in your home.

In today’s age of the smart home, the electrical timer plays an important role in providing the convenience of auto control, with digital timer switches offering the option for wireless control among other benefits.

More Benefits

This timer switch can automatically turn on and off the power to electrical equipment. The digital timer switch can be used to regulate a variety of devices, including production machinery, neon signs, street lights, and other lighting types. All electrical devices and home appliances that must be turned on and off often, such as those used in agriculture, warehouse exhaust and dehumidification, automatic preheating, advertising television equipment, etc., can be controlled by a digital timer switch.


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