Lorenzetti Blinducha Instant Shower for Extremely Salty Water


  • Build for extremely hard water, borehole water or salty water
  • Residue Filter Screen
    Prevents solid particles from entering the shower and affecting its performance. It is easy to clean and does not require disassembling.
  • Shielded Heating Element
    In copper for greater durability and safety.
  • Electronic Temperature Control
    The control is within reach. You can change the temperature gradually.


Lorenzetti blinducha instant shower head from Electric Instant Showers Ltd is the ultimate solution for extremely salty water or hard water. It an instant shower designed for hardwater, salty water or borehole water? Blinducha instant shower head beautifies your bathroom with the safety and comfort you need.
The shielded heating element (greater durability and safety) and electronic temperature control (greater precision and comfort in your shower) are its differential advantages. The lorenzetti blinducha instant shower for hard water gives you the desired temperature in the four seasons of the year

Lorenzetti Blinducha for Extremely Salty Water

The lotrenzetti blinducha is built with residue filter screen that helps prevent solid particles from entering the shower and affecting its performance. The showerhead is easy to clean and does not require disassembling. Its element is made of copper for greater durability and safely. Besides its great performance, electronic control is within reach, you can control the temperature easily


About Lorenzetti Instant Showers

Lorenzetti instant showers are the most installed instant showers not only in the Kenyan households but in over 40 countries. Lorenzetti has a range of instant showers to suite any budget and environment. For instance, some Lorenzetti showerheads are designed for salty or borehole water

We stock different designs and colors of genuine Lorenzetti water heater showers to suite any bathroom décor. I say genuine because the Kenyan market is flooded with counterfeit showerheads that doesn’t last long. Our prices are very friendly and we also offer free delivery and guarantee on all our instant shower systems.

Benefits of using the Lorenzetti Instant Showerheads in Kenya

  • Minimum maintenance for a budget friendly shower system
  • Cheaper to Install: No need of too many piping or water mixers. You just fix and use
  • Less Water Consumption: Unlike other water heaters, Lorenzetti showerheads minimizes the use of water – 4 liters of water per minute. You don’t have to wait for the water to heat like solar water heating or electric water heating
  • Hot water at any time, with no interruptions and it lasts for the period of time you need.
  • Energy Saving: You can save up to 70% in your electric bills because the Lorenzetti shower consumes energy only when in use. Consumption is proportional to the time of usage


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