Lorenzetti Loren Ultra Instant Shower Prices


The Lorenzetti Loren Ultra instant shower has a unique and unforgettable bath.

  • Ultra Heating Element
  • Electronic Temperature Control
  • Long lasting, original Instant Showers from Lorenzetti
  • Wall Mount and Stylish Design with Control Pin
  • Compatible with Hard water, Borehole Water, Salty Water
  • Replacement Elements Available
  • 220V, 6800W
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The Lorenzetti Loren Ultra instant showerhead has a square shape, which follows architectural trends. This is a marvel in instant shower design whilst considering the affordability in price as compared to other costly instant showers in the market.

The Lorenzetti Loren Ultra instant shower is equipped with a heating element that guarantees durability and high performance. You can easily replace the heating element in just simple steps.