Mechanical Timer Socket 3200 Watts – Nairobi


Connect the timer to the appliance. To start the timer, push the pins down. The time should be set by rotating the dial.


  • Colour: White
  • Watts: 3200W
  • Voltage: AC 220 – 240V
  • Material: PVC

Additional Information:

  • W/On Auto Switch
  • Min. Setting Time Interval : 15min
  • Max. Setting Time: 24Hours


A mechanical timer switch, described in simple terms, is a timer switch that uses physical components, like a spring or electric motor and gears, to provide an adjustable timing function.

Just like the digital type, the mechanical timer can regulate lights, turn appliances on/off, and so on. Two main types of mechanical timer switches are available today: wall-installed and plug in.

Plug in Mechanical Timer

A plug in mechanical timer switch is designed to be used directly with power outlets. It has a simple design, usually a white plastic body with a knob on the front side. To set the timer, you simply rotate the knob clockwise until it reaches the desired time setting.

The plug in timer is great for those who don’t want to install permanent hardware on the wall, or who don’t want to purchase an expensive timer. Also, also, if you want to use the same timer for multiple appliances, since you can easily move the timer from one outlet to another.


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