Undersink Electric Water Heater 15L Midea


If you are looking for an energy-efficient electric water heater geyser, then this Midea water heater is ideal for you. It boasts faster heating so you can enjoy hot water about 9-minutes earlier than normal. On top of that, it is energy-efficient and can heat water optimally without wasting much energy. Furthermore, it boasts enhanced heat preservation so that you can enjoy hot water for a longer time.

  • Over Heat Protection
  • Anti- Dry Heating Protection
  • Anti-High Pressure Protection
  • IPX4 Water-proof Body
  • Technicians Available


An electric water heater tank has two heating elements to warm water inside the tank. When a designated water temperature is reached the heating element will cycle off.

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The electric water heater cylinder uses 240v of alternating current to operate two heating elements; one near the middle of the tank and another near the bottom. Each element is controlled by its own thermostat.

If the water temperature and pressure rise above normal operating levels the temperature and pressure valves open to stabilize the system. A valve that leaks need to be replaced immediately.

If electric water heater is not working properly, first determine if a fuse has blown off. Also check the reset button and the high-level thermostat. You can also check each element and thermostat for continuity.

Advantages of an electric hot water heater

  • Quite affordable and easy maintenance
  • The upfront cost of purchasing an electric water heater tends to be relatively low. Though you still need to be careful.
  • With the biggest, established brands you’re often paying for the name rather than the technology and there can be question marks around whether you’re buying a genuine product or a fake.
  • Long-life solution water heaters representing great value for money.
  • The less electric a water heater uses, the cheaper it is to run.
  • Safety: With water and electricity, you don’t want any unnecessary risks. This is where it pays to avoid the cheapest on the market.