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Lorenzetti Showers Price Range from Ksh2000 to Ksh35000

The Lorenzetti showers Price in Kenya range between KES2000 shillings to KES35000 shillings depending with the respective features and type of showerhead. Everyone has a budget to work with when it comes to fixing your bathrooms with hot water. At Electric Instant Showers® we’ve got you covered with our wide

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Lorenzetti Water Heaters Prices in Kenya

Are you a lover of Lorenzetti water heaters? Why do many households love the Lorenzetti range of instant Showers? Well the answer is simple – The water heaters from Lorenzetti Brazil are stylish, budget friendly and easy to maintain. You can quickly and easily replace Lorenzetti elements without the services

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Cost of Alpha Instant Showers

Alpha water heaters are a well – established with ISO 9001:2008. It is certified production of Storage Water Heater and Instant Electric Water Heater. Alpha Water Heater is recognized in most Asian country. They are among the top product in Asia. They have also exported their product to other region such

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