Water Boilers for Sale in Nairobi Kenya

With a wide variety of water heater boilers for sale, Electric Instant Showers Kenya is your ultimate supplier for Original Water Heaters from World leading brands. From small water heaters such as the under sink water heater to large capacity heating systems, we’ve got you covered.

Hot water is a critical element of comfort that is used without even thinking of it. However, it has to be heated before it reaches your tap! The difficulty is finding the water heater which produces hot water all the time, at the right temperature and without breaking the bank

Best Water Boilers in Kenya

You can select either a conventional electric, a heat-pump or a solar water heater. Another important point: Pick the right spot depending on how much space is available. According to models, water tanks can be installed in many ways (wall mounted horizontally or vertically, floor standing…), in the most confined spaces or can require more space, even a technical room (for solar or heat pump water heaters)

With its cost-effective to purchase and easy to install, water boilers is the simplest solution: the tank water is heated by an electric heating element. Simple and effective: a modern electric water heater combines electronic thermostat and digital display unit. The most modern ones include self-learning functions. It means that the appliance adapts to your consumption pattern. In the end, 20 % savings are possible!

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